Let’s Talk About Sex Some More…

Now that we’ve covered the anatomy part of things, let’s move on to the sex part. I have 2 boys: T-Rex is 5 and B-Man is 3 so my personal experience is with boys, but I’ve worked with kids all my life so I know a thing or two about girls as well. When I use the word “sex” I’m not just referring to intercourse; I also mean sexual things. Just wanted to clarify that.

            T-Rex has already asked me where B-Man came from because he remembers when “B-man was living in your [my] belly.” I didn’t tell him the whole sperm and egg thing or the whole parking the car in the garage thing (remember that joke from childhood?), but I did try to give him a realistic explanation that a 5 year old could understand. Don’t go the stork route or the he was a gift from Santa route- that’s just ridiculous and confusing. Tell your young children whatever you are comfortable with, but for fuck sake- make it realistic and believable! They will ask you where babies come from so save yourself a mild heart attack when they do, and have an answer prepared!

            Talking about sex at a young age is more important than ever. Girls are getting their periods younger and younger, kids are hitting puberty younger and having sex younger, and teen pregnancy is being glorified on TV. Having an open and honest discussion with your children, no matter what their gender, is one of the most important things you can do for your child. My mother had the whole birds and the bees talk with me when I was 10 because she wanted me to know the facts. Now if you knew my mother this would surprise the hell out of you! My mother is a tiny, old school Italian woman, who is VERY Catholic. You would think she would have avoided that topic like the plague, but not so! She is a smart woman and knew that I would get all kinds of misinformation from my friends and TV/movies. She is the reason I am such an advocate for sex education myself and I am eternally thankful to her for that!

            She always told me I could come to her with any questions about sex no matter how embarrassing, gross, etc. The woman was true to her word, too! In 5th grade I asked her what 69 was because I had heard the phrase at school and lo’ and behold she knew what it was and drew me a picture of a 6 and a 9 and explained it from there. I was thoroughly disgusted at the time, which I’m sure she was very happy about, but also that was the moment I realized I really could ask her about anything. Now don’t get me wrong- she did not support the notion of me having sex before marriage and basically told me that my very Italian Catholic father would kill me if I wasn’t a virgin when I got married, but she did still discuss birth control and STD’s with me because she wanted me to have all the correct information. It’s important for you to give your kids all of the information, even if it’s something you might not be comfortable with. No one can make an informed decision about anything without all of the pertinent information so educate your children ladies! If you don’t, someone else will and I can almost guarantee it will not be the correct information or the information you would want them to have! As parents, we have the power to be our children’s best teachers, so use that power wisely and whenever you can!


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