My Opinion on Adrian Peterson Being a Child Abuser

Okay, so it’s time for me to rant a bit again because I’m disgusted by this whole Adrian Peterson thing. I totally admit that I often try not to pay attention to such things because it makes me so angry. I really need to stay off of Facebook when something controversial has happened in the world, because the stupid responses some people have infuriates me! And then I just can’t help myself and I have to say something!

I can’t believe there are people who are defending what he did saying that kids today need discipline because they are out of control. Or then there are the people supporting him and justifying what he did because they got beatings when they were kids and they turned out fine. Case in point that they did NOT turn out fine! Who could possibly justify what he did?

I’m sorry, but there is a HUGE difference between discipline and abuse. I was spanked as a child. Hell, I even got the wood spoon across my butt sometimes from my very Italian mother, but it NEVER left marks and certainly didn’t make me bleed.


This picture is of Adrian Peterson’s son- this is NOT discipline, this is abuse. These pictures were taken 4 days after the beating. Can you even imagine what that poor child looked like 4 minutes after? Swollen, open wounds bleeding, crying and shuddering with fear. Yup, that’s good old fashioned discipline alright!

Who the hell is ignorant enough to think that making your child scream and cry in pain and BLEED is going to “teach him right from wrong.” All it “teaches” is fear and that the way to solve problems is to be violent. It teaches them that when you are angry you should react violently. It certainly doesn’t show your child that you love him and want the best for him!

And how nice that Mr. Peterson now sees the error of his ways. And how nice that he has spoken to a psychologist and has learned there are better ways to discipline a child. Really? He didn’t know it wasn’t okay to beat a child until he bleeds; to make a tiny child scream in pain? He didn’t know it wasn’t okay to premeditate getting a switch from a tree to “discipline” his child and “teach him a lesson?” It takes some real effort to walk outside, break a switch off of a tree, and then go into the beating room to “discipline” your kid.

Physical discipline is never the answer and it is not the way to get kids to behave. I can say that from the experience of being spanked as a child. It didn’t teach me anything. All it did was make me angry and resentful toward my mother. Being grounded/punished carried a lot more weight with me. Spanking hurt for a second (because I got spanked, not beat), but grounding stung for a much longer period of time. Spanking is one thing, but this was most definitely NOT spanking and there is a clear difference between a spanking and a beating/abuse. This was abuse, plain and simple. He was wrong and should be prosecuted. Period.


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